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Admissions For Nursing Open

University Exams Will Commence From April 30th, 2010

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The Philosophy Of The Nursing College
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  • We, the staff of Vrundavan Institute of Nursing believe that rendering services to human being is multifaceted. We believe that each clientele being unique, requires individualistic approach using comprehensive Nursing care model.

    We believe that quality of nursing service is correlated with the standard of nursing education based on sound educational principles. We recognize that the formal education is a means of laying foundation for professional nursing practice.

    Education is a process of refinement in consciousness which is reflected as change in behavior. It is enhanced by incorporating    knowledge from medical, Behavioral, Biological and Physical sciences in the context of sequentially planned structured curriculum and conducive learning environment.

    We also believe that each individual student has one’s own persona and that, each one varies in his/her capabilities, interest, cognitive abilities and skills. And that, each one has potentials to grow on the life continuum. We as teaching faculty acknowledge and accept our responsibilities to provide maximum opportunities to students for their Professional, Psychosocial, Physical, and Life Skill development.

    It is obligatory on our part as teaching faculty in nursing to guide our students to take pride in upholding and promoting nursing profession.