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Admissions For Nursing Open

University Exams Will Commence From April 30th, 2010

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Campus Facilities


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    The Vrundavan Nursing Institute Library is equipped with current literature in life sciences, Medical & Nursing sciences & Behavioral sciences. Apart from which we also have professional journals on various titles & other leisure time reading material. The library is well managed by a professional Librarian & the students are encouraged to maximize the use of available literature.


    Computer Lab

    Developing skills in computer operations forms an integral in nursing education. Students are encouraged to maximize their potentials in utilizing multimedia & information technology.

    Students Nurses Association (SNA)

    The student Nurses Association of India is statutory requirement of any nursing college or school and operates under the banner of Trained Nurses Association of India. A student staying in any of the Nursing college/school recognized by Indian Nursing Council qualities for a membership of such a unit formed in that institution.

    The student registered for a membership by paying a membership fees of Rs.100/- (subject to change) per annum. The annual subscription for the membership is collected each year along with college fees.   Besides, the students are required to contribute nominal amount of money decided each year by the SNA Unit executive committee as monthly contribution for organizing various SNA activities.

    The students are encouraged to take part in all the SNA activities and also to contest the elections for various offices of the organization at the unit level.

    Self Development Programs/Recreation

    Equal attention is paid to student’s all round personal development as well. Students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular and extra curricular programs organized by the College & University such as; 

  • Physical fitness & self defense
  • Sport and games
  • Cultural programs
  • Talent Fest
  • Enrichment programs
  • Life skill Education Program
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Adventure
  • Participation in these activities will certainly enhances the studentís personality, personally as well as professionally.

    Transport facility

    The transport facilities are provided by the college for the students to commute from campus to various clinical areas including rural & urban community centers.

    Hostel Facilities

    The management of Bhagirathi Surya Naik Memorial Trust has provided for the hostel facilities for students coming from far off distance. Living in the hostel contributes to community living where the students from different socio-cultural background live together. Of course it demands discipline on part of students at the same time, the hostel milieu enhances the social, cultural, psychological and recreational domains of students’ life.
    Once admitted in to the hostel, the hostel warden takes responsibility of a students’ welfare during her stay in the premises. The students are expected to follow the rules and regulations as stipulated at all times. The parents and guardians too, have to co-operate with the warden and college authorities in implementing discipline and maintaining decorum of the hostel, it is mandatory.    

    Employment opportunities

  • Education recognized within the country & abroad
  • Ample opportunities for employment at reputed health care organizations in India & abroad
  • Immediate job placement
  • Attractive Salary
  • Self reliant, Financial stability, Satisfaction