Vrundavan Nursing Collage

Conduct & Discipline

  • Students are responsible to the Principal for their behaviour both, within and outside the college premises.
  • Students should maintain silence in the classrooms, clinical areas, library laboratories, and reading rooms.
  • Students should take care of the lab, equipment, college and hospital property, library book/periodicals, and help the college authorities in maintaining these assets in best of condition for effective use by many.
  • Students are not supposed to scribble on writing desks and walls.
  • Any willful damage done to the property of the college and hospital will be dealt with severely as a breach of discipline.
  • In event of any emergency, if a student is required to leave either the college or hospital premises during any of the working days, he/she will have to get the permission either from the class teacher or supervisor and on return from such leave a letter from parents/guardians must be submitted indicating their consent for the leave taken.
  • A student desirous of withdrawing from the college for any valid reason, the parents must intimate to the college authorities in writing the reason for his/her withdrawal.
  • Students shal1 abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the college and hospital authorities. Violating any of the rules will be viewed seriously and dealt with appropriate disciplinary action as per the discretion of the college authorities. And if necessary to the extent of dismissal from the college will be enforced depending on the seriousness of the violation.
  • While in training a student is expected to strictly adhere to the code of ethical and professional conduct spelt out by the college authorities both within and outside the college, hospital and community premises.
  • Parents/guardians must make an effort to meet the Principal/Head of the dept. periodically and whenever called for meeting.
  • Parents and their nominated guardians will be required to furnish their specimen signature in presence of a class teacher at the commencement of each academic year.
  • Students are expected to participate in all the co-curricular and extracurricular activities organized by college / university in order to maximize their potentials and exploit their talents.
  • In event of illness, a student is expected to report immediately to the warden (if staying in hostel), Principal, teacher, or if on duty in the ward, to the Head Nurse of the ward.
  • A student is not allowed to receive rewards in cash or kind or gifts of any kind at any time from the patient or relatives.
  • Speaking in regional language in college, hospital, and hostel premises is prohibited.
  • The rules and regulation may be amended by the authorities whenever necessary. students and parents will be intimated of the same.
  • All decisions taken by Principal will be final and binding to all concerned.