Vrundavan Nursing Collage

Identity Card

An identity card (ID card) will be issued from the college office at the beginning of each academic year and a student will be required to keep the current ID Card.

02 passport size (colour) photographs will be required of which, one will be used for office record and the other one, for ID card.

The student shall have to carry the college ID card with him/her at all times and may be required to produce it whenever asked.

Academic Terms

  • The duration of the course shall be four years including internship.
  • The academic year commences from mid September and ends in the second week of August each year.
  • 8 weeks vacation shall be given during each academic year.
    • The breakup is as follows:
    • 1 week Ganesh vacation
    • 2 weeks Diwali vacation
    • 1 week Christmas vacation
    • 4 weeks Summer vacation
  • Vacations are subject to change in lieu of academic requirements.
  • Holidays will be declared by the college authorities at the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Students are not entitled for any kind of leave other than sick leave of 10 days in one academic year. Any days of absence in the clinical area without prior permission will be counted as leave of absence for 2 days and the deficient days will have to be made-up by the students during vacation. The mark list will be withheld until the period of absence has been made up.
  • It is mandatory for a student to remain present on the 1st day of the commencement of each academic year and on the closing day of the term as well. In the event of failure to do so, strict disciplinary action will be taken against such a student.
  • Student failing to meet the minimum requirement of attendance as prescribed both, in the class and clinical areas, will not be permitted to appear for the University examination.
  • Sick leave will be granted subject to submission of valid medical certificate. A medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be produced within 3 days in the event of illness.


As per the Nursing Council regulations a student is required to strictly adhere to norms of attendance: 80% attendance for the lectures in each subject and 100% attendance for the clinical experience including Urban & Rural Community Health Nursing during one academic year. In the event of any deficiency, the student shall have to make up for the lost hours either during vacation or holidays.

Curriculum Plan & Academic Program

Subjects taught at the Vrundavan Institute of Nursing Education are in keeping with the curriculum prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council, approved by Goa University. Detailed along side is the outline of the curriculum and scheme of examination.