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Admissions For Nursing Open

University Exams Will Commence From April 30th, 2010

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B.SC Nursing Course Curriculum

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Subjects taught at the Vrundavan Institute of Nursing Education are in keeping with the curriculum prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council, approved by Goa University. The duration of the course is 4 years leading to award of a Degree in Nursing.

The academic term, as spelt out by the University, begins from June 16 and the students write
the University Examination in the first week of May each Year.

The course Curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to function as responsible health team members with beginning proficiency for leadership either in delivery of health care system, education establishment or community based program.

The Student go through a sequentially well planned course of study which enables them to develop concept clarity, hands on and professional attitudes. The students get exposed from simple to complex level of learning. Most of the learning takes place in Classroom, Nursing Laboratories and in the Clinical Specialty areas.

First Year
In the first year the concentration is on building Foundation in Nursing practice: for this the subjects related to principles of Life Sciences and its constitution, understanding of human behavior; needs in health and illness are discussed in detail. In addition, the students also develop language proficiency.

Second Year
Course of study in the second year gets more complex wherein the students study various disease conditions, the phenomenological changes occurring due to illness, the remedial measures in terms of medical, surgical, rehabilitative intervention. The students also learn the adaptation of nursing care practices in the community setting.

Third Year
Third year curriculum involves core subjects like Medical Surgical specialties, Mental Health Nursing, Child Health Care, Child Bearing and assisting for safe motherhood, and various disease condition of the women. The concentration is focused around the life process continuum in heath and illness.

Fourth Year
First six month of the final year, the students continue to study the subjects prescribed earlier i.e, Mother and Child care, and Community Health Nursing. The new core subjects include Nursing Research & Statistics, and Administration of Nursing service & Education.

The second half of the fourth year is fully devoted to development of advanced nursing skills. Students are placed in the Intensive Care Units, Emergency Units, and Specialized Health Care facility to become competent in rendering health care services. They are also expected to work in different shifts as per the curriculum requirements.

During the course of study over a period of 4 years various educational visits are planned each year to expose the students to other health organizations to study its set up, functions relevant to optimizing health of an individual and the society at large.